What We Do


Didn’t have a place to sleep tonight?

Had a serious health problem and couldn’t work?

Were on disability but could not find affordable housing?

Made mistakes in the past but want to move forward?

For the hundreds of men and women experiencing homelessness in Harford County, the only full service, year-round shelter to turn to is Welcome One Emergency Shelter in Belcamp.

Every night 32 men and women are provided the following services at Welcome One:

  • Safe emergency shelter, bunk, clean linens, and a locker
  • 3 meals daily
  • Laundry and shower facilities and necessary supplies
  • Case management services to assist residents in securing community resources, develop a plan for community housing, and provide hope for a brighter future.

Since 2006, Welcome One Emergency Shelter has been serving Harford County as the only year round, full service homeless shelter.

Welcome One’s mission is to provide safe, emergency shelter and to assist and empower individuals to obtain housing.

Our vision is to be part of the Continuum of Care that will end homelessness in Harford County. The services provided at Welcome One, by our organization and its partners, are focused on stabilizing individuals through case management, providing physical and mental health treatment, helping them secure employment, and moving them to sustainable housing to prevent a return to homelessness.

Case management services assist residents in discovering potential pathways to meet their individual housing needs. Case managers also help residents identify other barriers to independent living and connect residents with community resources to address those barriers. Some of the common needs that we address are: urgent medical and dental care; mental health and substance abuse services; identification documents such as birth certificates, Social Security cards, and Maryland Identification cards; government benefits; and employment. Case managers also schedule classes for residents including classes in life skills through Mohar Wellness, financial literacy through APGFCU, and job readiness with local volunteers.


From July 2020 through June 2021:

  • 162 individuals served
    • Ages 18 to 73 years
    • 6 were Seniors over the ages 62 and over
    • 11 were Veterans
  • 97% of Residents had income of $24,000 or less annually
  • Disabled residents 59%
  • 10,417 nights of shelter were provided
  • 96% of residents participated in case management services